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Origin of the Basset Hound - What is a Basset Hound

Personality and Physical Traits of the Basset Hound

Understanding the Basset Hound -The Basset Personality

Is a Basset Hound the Right Dog for you and Your Family?

How to Find a Good Basset Hound

Distinguish Reputable Breeders from Backyard Breeders & Puppy Mills

Finding a Reputable Breeder

Useful Contacts

Questions Breeders May Ask Buyers

Questions to Ask a Breeder

Never Buy a Basset from a Pet Store

Adopting a Rescue Basset - Advantages/Disadvantages

Basset Hound Rescue Addresses

Should You Choose a Male or a Female

Spaying and Neutering

The Purchase of an Adult Versus a Puppy

Purchasing a Companion Pet

Don't Get A Puppy for Christmas!!

The Basset in Obedience, Agility, Tracking or Field Trialing

Purchasing a Show Prospect

The Decision to Purchase a Basset Hound

Making Your Home Safe for Your Puppy

The Basset Shopping List:  Things to Buy for your Puppy

Things to Take when You Pick up Your Puppy

Bringing Your Puppy Home

Housebreaking & Housebreaking when Owners Work

Some Feeding Tips

Exercising Your Basset Hound

Grooming the Basset Hound

Health Concerns for Bassets

Preventative Health Measures that Owners Can Take

Training Your Basset Hound

Should I Breed My Basset Hound?

Useful Books and Resources, Pet Supplies, Mail Order