The Basset Hound Shopping List


One crate to fit an adult Basset Hound. A size 300 or 400, or any crate approaching the dimensions of 21"X 24"X 36" is good.

Bedding for the crate. This can be a blanket or a large soft towel.

A 2-quart stainless steel bowl for food.

A heavy ceramic bowl for water. 2 or 3 quart size.

A high quality puppy food. Your breeder may recommend a particular brand.

A 6 foot long web leash.

A 17" nylon adjustable buckle collar. Don’t use a choke collar on a puppy. It can injure his throat. A choke training collar can be purchased when your dog is older.

Nail clippers or nail grinder.

Kwik-Stop (Stops the bleeding if you cut your puppy’s nails too short).

An ear cleaner. Many are available in your pet store.

Cotton balls or Q-tips for cleaning your puppy’s ears every week.

Puppy shampoo.

A hound glove for brushing your puppy.

Nutritious puppy treats or biscuits.

Toys which are safe for puppies.