At Home

Topsfield in the Winter

Driveway to Topsfield

Deer in the Topsfield Woods

Winter Wonderland

Claudia's home viewed from the front.
Claudia's home, garage and kennel from the back. 


Topsfield is situated on 200 acres in the beautiful Green Mountains of Northern Vermont.  The hounds enjoy indoor/outdoor runs, with dog doors, which open into large paddocks.  They enjoy playing in the snow and making their own trails through the fields.  

Claudia's house and hobby kennel (we do not board dogs) are attached, with an apartment over the garage where our resident kennel manager, Sue lives.  With our kennel assistant, Linda's home next door to Topsfield, it's a very convenient and lovely location.


While the hounds enjoy the snow, they also welcome constant access to the heated indoor kennel.  They come in and out at will, and spend many hours outside.




The Bassets always come in for a nice, toasty snooze after spending playtime outdoors romping in the snow.  They particularly enjoy the snow piles made from clearing the runs and the roof. 


Decorating during the holidays We had a number of warm days early in the winter.

Left, Linda's handiwork in clay!


The winter is no time to go out in the Funmover, Born Free or Winnebago Journey.  We carry fewer dogs on the road in the Vermont winters for safety reasons.  Snow is the usual here and road conditions are too tough for the bigger rigs.

The Suburban provides a safe ride for the Bassets during the cold weather season.

Topsfield in the Spring


Topsfield in the spring is a special place to be after a long, cold winter. 
All of us, including the hounds, enjoy spending lots of time outdoors.  The Basset puppies especially enjoy their outings with Claudia. 
The flowers bloom, the fields become green, and it's a wonderful time of the year.


Topsfield in the Summer

Above left, the starting pen and in the middle and to the right, a second starting pen that has been planted for use in a year or two.


Topsfield in the Fall
Maurice and Jill Brooker
Chris Lawrence & Jane Miller

Guillermo Gonzalez

CH Topsfield-Sanchu GCH Topsfield-Sanchu CH Topsfield-Sanchu
 The Year of the Dragon Cannoli  Fireworks

Fall at Topsfield brings us guests and Basset Breeders from both this country as well as from overseas.  We all go to our National Specialty together.  Now that Guillermo and Claudia are married, they make sure to spend part of the fall here in the United States.


Training, Trophy and Play Room


The training, trophy and play room is a place where our hounds spend time with our Topsfield Family.  The floors are matted for training and there is a permanent ramp in front of mirrors which gives us a chance to work with the dogs an see how they look.  It's a fun, functional room. 


For playtime, the toy box is filled with favorite toys and bones.  It's a comfortable place to simply enjoy the hounds and let them enjoy themselves.


The couch is a great place to relax (usually, with the dogs on the couch not as pictured below with Bryan & Claudia).


In addition to having the space to train and relax, the room also gives us the space to do fun, casual puppy photos, and no, the puppy pictured below didn't get to drink the beer!


Travel to the shows in the spring is a little simpler, as we can bring either the Motorhome or the Born Free & Travel Trailer or the FunMover (not pictured).  The dogs have access to air conditioning to give relief from the heat, and enjoy their travels to the shows. 


Wildlife at Topsfield

We are privileged to have an abundance of wildlife at Topsfield.  The turkeys above left are from a cell phone picture, and the photos of the deer were taken by a remote wildlife camera operated by Denis Mailloux.