Adopting a Basset Rescue Dog

Basset Rescue groups are devoted to finding homes for Basset Hounds that have been abandoned or given up by their owners. Many of these Bassets end up in local humane shelters and unless suitable homes are found for these animals, they are destroyed. For this reason, Basset rescue groups have been formed in many parts of the country and local Basset breed clubs may support a Basset Rescue group which tries to find new families for these abandoned Bassets.
Advantages of Adopting a Basset Rescue Dog
Many people find joy and pleasure in giving a “new home” to a dog that was deserted by its former owners. Rescue groups are experienced at assessing whether a particular Basset is a good candidate for adoption.
Most Basset rescue dogs are adults and many are already housebroken as well as spayed and neutered.
Rescue dogs are often an alternative for a loving family who truly wants a Basset Hound but may not be able to afford the price of a new puppy from a breeder.
Disadvantages of Adopting a Rescue Dog
In some cases rescue Bassets have been abused and severely mistreated by their former owners. The adoptive family may therefore need to be especially understanding and spend more time helping their new friend fit into its new home. Many rescue Bassets may be timid or shy until they have had a chance to adapt to their new surroundings. With love and patience, most of these Bassets blossom into endearing pets.