Making Your Home Safe

for Your Puppy or Adult

Puppies are curious and will get into anything and everything!
Safeguard your new puppy as you would a toddler.
Block off access to all stairs, balconies and decks from which a puppy could fall. Swimming pools should be fenced. For the first year, don’t let your Basset puppy climb stairs or jump off sofas, beds, etc. His joints are still forming and may become injured.
Keep anything toxic such as household cleaners, detergents, etc. away from your puppy. In a garage area, clean up any gasoline spills and be especially careful of spilled antifreeze, which can kill. Dogs seem to love its smell and taste.
Keep phone cords, electrical cords and outlets away from your puppy and block access to spaces behind TV’s, refrigerators, etc. Remove sharp objects and things that could fall on your puppy.
Don’t allow access to poisonous plants such as azaleas, poison ivy, mistletoe, holly and philodendron, among others. The phone number of your local poison control center should be handy.
Never leave small objects such as laundry, panty hose, or children’s toys, which a puppy could swallow, lying on the floor. A puppy will pick almost anything up in its mouth. Even a coin which falls to the floor can be potentially harmful if your puppy swallows it.
Eliminate the possibility of your puppy getting its head caught in any type of tight spot which could lead to strangulation. These could be things like railings, trellises or fences. Don’t chain your puppy outside unattended.
Eliminate exposure to toxic fumes, lead-based paints and rat poisons.
Be sure all doors in your house close securely and that visitors are aware of the importance of closing doors. Many a puppy has been killed by a car when someone forgot to close a door securely.