Preventative Health Measures
Owners Can Take

Buy a Basset Hound from a reputable breeder who will stand behind the health of his/her dog. Pet store and puppy mill Bassets are always more susceptible to numerous health problems and genetic defects.
Don’t overfeed your Basset. Obesity is harmful to your Basset Hound’s heart, spine and joints.
Religiously clean your Basset’s ears once a week, trim toenails once every two weeks as well as check for impacted anal glands. Clean teeth every two weeks..
Give your Basset regular heartworm medication and check for fleas and ticks. A Lyme disease vaccine is available for those dogs living in tick infested areas
Immunize your Basset for distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenza. Ask your vet if he/she will recommend other immunizations and which ones are needed annually.
Do not let puppies climb long flights of stairs or jump off objects such as beds, couches or porches, especially before one year of age.
Never let your Basset wander loose in the neighborhood
A Basset is safest in a secure, fenced area.
If you see any sign of a medical issue contact your veterinarian immediately.