Questions Breeders May Ask Buyers

Have you ever owned dogs before and specifically, a Basset?

Familiarity with owning dogs ensures a higher success rate in placing a puppy in a new home. It is a particular “plus” if a perspective buyer has had the experience of owning a unique breed like the Basset Hound.

Why do you want a Basset Hound?

It is important to determine if the relaxed, low-slung Basset Hound will be the right choice for a new buyer. This short-legged breed, for example, is not the best choice for an avid jogger or person who wants to play a game of catch with their dog. The Basset is also larger and heavier than most realize, averaging 50 to 70 pounds.

Do you have a fenced backyard?

Being a scent hound, Bassets tend to roam and may become injured or lost. Chaining a Basset (or any breed) to an outdoor doghouse or tree is inhumane as well as dangerous.

Where will your new puppy live?

The friendly, affectionate Basset Hound craves the companionship of other animals or people. It will be happiest in the house where it can be cared for by a loving family.

How long will the puppy be alone during the day?

Breeders are reluctant to place a Basset puppy in a home where it will be alone for excessively long periods. The companionship of another dog or cat will go a long way in providing companionship for a new dog.

Are you willing to spay or neuter a pet Basset Hound?

Spaying or neutering is usually required by responsible breeders who wish to protect their valuable bloodlines.

Can you afford not only the purchase price of this pet but also the maintenance?

New owners need to be aware of how much it costs to keep their pet healthy and well-taken care of.

Is the decision to purchase a Basset Hound a unanimous one in your family?

Bassets that go into a family situation where not everyone wanted this unique breed may start out with a couple strikes against them.