Some Feeding Tips

Follow the breeder’s instructions for feeding your new puppy. Other tips include:
Don’t feed your puppy table scraps. This turns a dog into a finicky eater and can lead to obesity. Changes in food can also cause diarrhea.
Don’t feed your puppy chicken, pork or fish bones. These can lodge in the throat and puncture the stomach and intestines.
Stick to a feeding schedule and feed in the same place. Feeding at the same time helps the housebreaking process.
If you travel with your puppy bring water from home. Changes in water may lead to diarrhea.
Basset Hounds are prone to obesity. Don’t overfeed your Basset! Some Bassets seem to “live on air” and require very little food to maintain a proper weight. When you look down on your Basset you should not see his stomach protruding from his sides. You should be able to feel your Basset’s ribs under his skin.
Don’t be concerned if your puppy is “off” his feed during the first couple of days in his new home. Separation from his littermates, combined with adjusting to a new environment can sometimes affect your puppy’s appetite for the first couple of days. Call your breeder if the problem persists.