The Basset in Obedience, Agility, Tracking & Field Trialing

Obedience & Agility

Although the Basset Hound has never topped the list as one of the best breeds to use for obedience and agility, there are many Bassets who have done well in these areas.
The Basset Hound does not lack for intelligence but rather is characterized by a “hound” mentality which translates into an attitude of independence of thought and action.

Tracking and Field Trialing

In addition to obedience and agility, the talented Basset Hound also participates in tracking (following human scent) and field trialing (following rabbit scent). If you are interested in tracking or field trialing, it is advisable to seek out those who participate in these activities. Information can be obtained from the Basset Hound Club of America.

Discover the Basset Hound

Courses for owners, breeders and judges are available on the Basset Hound University Website. You can access BHU by going to the BHCA Website at Click on the education tab and then click on BHU.

You can go directly to the BHU Website at: