At Home

Topsfield enjoys the privacy of 200 open and wooded acres in beautiful northern Vermont.

The four seasons color life at Topsfield – from the yellows, reds and greens of spring, summer and fall to the whitest whites of winter.

Claudia with a litter in the backyard.
Claudia and her husband, Guillermo, with DCh Topsfield Fireworks
South side runs

Claudia with a litter
in the backyard.

Kennel Facility

South side runs
North side runs

Topsfield is an informal hobby kennel set in a peaceful and private rural setting. Linda Panella (pictured), who ran a canine obedience center in CT before moving to Vermont, has been our kennel manager for 30 years. Her contribution to our success is immeasurable.

Get Ready room and interior kenneling

Training, Trophy and Play Room

The training, trophy and play room is a place where our hounds spend time with our Topsfield Family. Matted floors, a ramp and mirrors assist with training.

For playtime, the toy box is filled with favorite toys and bones.  It’s a comfortable place to enjoy the hounds. Pictured center is Claudia with her long-time handler, Bryan Martin, to whom Topsfield owes much of its success. Top right is Kennel manager, Linda Panella and bottom right is Topsfield Manager, Sue Frischmann.

Pictured above is Claudia with her longtime handler and friend, Bryan Martin.

Field Training

Starting pen and training fields at Topsfield.
Claudia and Guillermo
2021 BHCA Absolute Winner, Topsfield-Lebrera Vision Gone With The Wind (Scarlett)

Following the death of her first spouse in 2007, Claudia married her now husband, Guillermo, in 2014. Guillermo has bred hunting Bassets in Spain under the Lebrera prefix for over 50 years and since their marriage Claudia and Guillermo have focused on breeding the dual champion Basset Hound, which is one that has earned a championship title in both conformation and field trial competition.

International Visitors and
Claudia’s husband, Guillermo

Jill and Maurice Brooker from New Zealand with Ch Topsfield Sanchu Year of the Dragon
Jane Miller and Chris Lawrence from Australia with Ch Topsfield Sanchu Cannoli
Claudia’s husband, Guillermo Gonzalez, from Spain, with Ch Topsfield Sanchu Fireworks
Fall often brings visitors from other countries who accompany us to our BHCA National Specialty.

Topsfield Hounds in Art

Ch Topsfield Bumper Cars, ROM, CD, by Anthony Robbins. This work memorializes Bumper Cars and commemorates Claudia Orlandi’s AKC Breeder of the Year Award in 2009. The original painting is displayed at the AKC headquarters in New York City.

The painting on the right is by Anthony Robbins and depicts important Topsfield Basset Hounds. Anthony’s work is inspired by Rembrandt’s “Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp” (pictured left).

“Three Bassets in a Forest” by Anthony Robbins, depicts Ch Topsfield Beethoven in upper left, Ch Topsfield Bumper Cars, right, and Ch Topsfield Pop Art O’Bridi, foreground.

Ch Topsfield Bumper Cars, by Guillermo Gonzalez Suarez.

Ch Topsfield Vision Silver Noodles, by David Dowbyhuz.

Cg Topsfield Bumper Cars, by Anthony Robbins.