Topsfield Webmaster, Sue Frischmann left, and with her friend, BIS winning CH Sanchu-Topsfield Yahtzee on the right.
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The Topsfield Web Site was designed and created by Sue Frischmann. Our goal is to provide both useful and interesting information regarding this fascinating breed, the Basset Hound.
New Items:
A New Pedigree Page has been created, and a new section for Topsfield-Lebrera Bassets as well as a section we call Miscellaneous Moments, both current items as well as a few of the favorites from the past. A number of updates have been made throughout the site.

We believe the more we are educated about our breed, the better we will understand the Basset Hound. As members of the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA) we urge guests to visit the BHCA website at for official information on the Basset Hound.

We also suggest a visit to the Basset Hound University Website also located on the BHCA website, Once on the site, click on the education button and click on Basset Hound University.

There are schools for owners, breeders, performance events and judges. It’s a great online opportunity to learn more about the Basset Hound.

If you are a breeder, we recommend that you visit The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Website at

Thank you again for visiting our site. We would like visitors to see who we are, and more importantly, the love that we share for our hounds.
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Due to our frequent show schedule, I am not always able to check my e-mail each day.
If you wish to speak with Sue or Claudia, please call them at 1-802-877-2918 (no messages) prior to 7pm or contact Sue anytime by cell phone, 802-238-2370 (leave a message if necessary).
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