Never Buy a Basset from a Pet Store

Pet store Basset Hounds come from backyard breeders and puppy mills. Most likely, you will not know who bred your dog or have anyone to contact if you have questions or a problem.
The health of pet store Basset Hounds is always at risk because they were not bred by knowledgeable breeders devoted to improving the health and appearance of the Basset.
Pet store puppies are separated from their mothers at too early an age and usually do not have the chance to develop healthy bodies and temperaments. In fact, pet store Bassets often become seriously ill and end up costing their owners hundreds and even thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses.
Pet stores do not guarantee the long term health of a puppy.
Most pet store Basset Hounds are smaller than those from reputable kennels and often lack the majestic wrinkled head and expression that define the Basset Hound. In fact, they may look more like Beagles than Basset Hounds.
Despite the inferiority of the dogs they sell, pet stores usually charge as much, if not more, than reputable breeders of quality Basset Hounds.
No matter how impatient you or your children are to get a Basset Hound, it is always better to wait, even a few months, and get one from a good breeder!!